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Zina Tara is 27 year old experienced expat, living in South-East Asia; offering fun videos detailing her travel experiences, as well as services that include - consultations, set-up packages and personalised tours that will satisfy your every need! 

For the past 4 years, Zina has  been living in South-East and boy oh boy has it been a crazy ride! She spontaneously packed her bags after being inspired by a YouTube video, she was watching (whilst hiding behind her desk, at her boring day job). She gave in her notice a week later and left London shortly after. Sounds crazy, right?! Yes, well that's Zina. Of course the idea of this sounds like fun but reality doesn't really work like that!

She arrived in Vietnam and completed a TEFL course (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! See here for details http://ninjateacher.com/zina-tara )..  And although the course was a vital part of her journey, she found the next couple of weeks  after completing the TEFL course, extremely difficult! Job hunting, the language barrier, spending unnecessary amounts of money on things she didn't need and experienced quite a few other lows. The only good thing (other than food) that made her happy, was the fact that she met a lot of other expats that kept her motivated during this tough time. 

This is when the birth of Zina Tara began - she started documenting her experiences on YouTube and after that ,things dramatically improved. She made connections with locals and other foreigners. Honestly, giving up was never an option for her and this was most probably the best thing that could have happened! Sometimes you have to experience the lows, before you can actually enjoy the highs. Vietnamese culture is so beautiful, they are probably the most hospitable and generous people that you will ever come across in life. This definitely was one of the reasons she stayed!

 I highly suggest you visit or check out Zina's YouTube channel for more insight! 

After years of sharing her tips and tricks of living as an expat/teaching English in Asia, Zina has decided to directly cater to those who she has inspired, by creating a more personalised approach. If you're someone that is interested in moving to South - East Asia and you're not sure where to start. Contact us - the team would be glad to help! We want to save you the stress and sleepless nights. 

This should be a fun experience! A new start in life.  So, let us do the work for you!

We specialise in:


Motorbike assistance

Visas/visa run information

Preparing documentation 

Job links

Travel Insurance


Work permits



+ much more

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Imagine being so close to all of the cool cities! Fun fact - Malaysia is in Zina's top 5 - must visits!


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I get to call one of the most amazing places in the world, home!